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AKC    Human Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat
AKC Reunite    Microchip Pet Recovery Process
Animal Farm    Equal Treatment and Opportunity for "pit bull" dogs
Animal Genetics    Avian, Canine and Equine DNA Testing
Animal Rescue Site    Help Animals in Shelters, free!
Autism Speaks    Assistance Dog Resources
Best Dog Sites    Dog Web Directory
Cornell University    Poisonous Plants Affecting Dogs
Dept of Veterans Affairs    VA Benefits for Service Dogs
Directory Australia    Website Directory Australia
Dog Powered Scooter    Dog Powered Scooters & Trikes
Free Stud Listings    Another Site with Free Stud Listings
Jeffers Pet Supplies    Supplies for your dog, cat, bird, & more
My Breeder Supply    Electronic Semen Shipping Thermos
Pet Classifieds    Buy & Sell, Finder for Pets for Sale
Petco    Pets and Supplies
Pets for Patriots    Companion Pets for Military Vets
Pitbull Supply    #1 Supplier for Pitbull Products
Puppy Sites  ​   The Dog Lover's Online Directory
Ready.Gov    Emergency Planning for Pets
Retail Me Not    Shopping Green for Your Pet
Service Dogs for America    Serving Individuals with Disabilities
Universal K9    From Kill Shelters to Police/Military Work