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French Bulldogs in California
Dogs are listed alphabetically by city and name.
Birth Date: 16 Jul 2016
Registry: AKC
​OFA: none
Fee: ​$1000, POP
Phone: 951-441-8607
Owner: Sarai Wellington
Kennel: WellHouse Pets
Website: none
King Louis Kablooie is a gorgeous blue, compact, and weighs about 20 lbs. He has a wonderful personality and is a proven stud. His fee includes a 1 puppy guarantee. We offer local AI as well as natural live cover.
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Posted: 28 Aug 2017
Last renewal: 24 Apr 2019
Birth Date: 30 Dec 2016
Registry: AKC
​OFA: none
Fee: ​$100, Ngbl
Phone: 707-363-1136
Owner: Liliana Zepeda
Kennel: Royal Class Frenchies
Website:  none
Prince Royce is brindle and white, and weighs 23 lbs. He is very athletic, has a muscular, compact build and carries blue. There are no health issues, no breathing problems (even while playing) and no allergies. He has a great temperament, mellow and eager to please. We offer fresh shipped semen as well as natural live cover.
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Posted: 30 Jan 2018
Update: 20 Dec 2018
Birth Date: 2 Apr 2018
Registry: AKC
​OFA: none
Fee: ​$2500
Phone: 520-576-7736
Owner: Tony Cap
Kennel: none
Website: none
Odie Cap is a blue brindle weighing 28 lbs. His unique color is sure to increase the price of your pups. He was part of a 7 puppy litter. He has all his shots and vaccinations and no breathing issues. We're willing to ship or travel anywhere in the US for an additional fee. We offer only local AI and shipped semen, no live cover.
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Posted: 30 Apr 2019