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believes that our aging, disabled, and injured pets are family and deserve to live happy, healthy lives.

They provide the necessary tools, with  Dog Wheelchairs, Splints, Safety Belts, Diapers, Boots, Lift Harnesses, and many more products, along with Service and Support.
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Ship-Mate, by Innovative Technology, Ltd

The Way To Successfully Ship Semen.


Electronic Semen Shipping Vacuum Flask
Universal K9

solely exists to save dogs
to train for veterans and law enforcement.

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to receive one of these amazing animals and training.
From Kill Shelters to Police/Military Work ~ What A Great Organization!
Now even people with handicaps can have walking their dogs exciting, fun, and above all else, safe.

Offering precision steering control and excellent dog control.

Unbelievable. Really. Totally different experience than anything you've tried before!
Dog Powered Scooters & Dog Powered Trikes
"VETiONX® features pet health care products that are safe and effective for all pets and animals. At VETiONX®, we believe in helping your pet restore natural balance. By providing valuable veterinarian insight and unique homeopathic solutions, we help pets around the world lead long, healthy lives, naturally."

"VETiONX® products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities under the strict guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)."

Is to enable people with disabilities to gain greater independence and mobility through the use of specially educated dogs.
Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities
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 It's the story of a wounded warrior and the Golden Retriever Who saved him.
"In-Community" Placement
Fidelco pioneered In-Community Placement in the United States. Through this one-on-one process, our clients are trained to use their guide dogs in their homes, neighborhoods and places of work. And throughout the two- to three-week training process, they have the support of their family, friends and co-workers. As importantly, In-Community Placement allows our professional trainer-instructors to carefully evaluate a new client’s progress in his or her own day-to-day environment. We have found in our three decades of placing guide dogs that this training method is the most effective way to create high functioning teams.
Who We Serve
Every seven minutes in our country someone becomes blind or visually impaired. These people are not statistics. They are our children, parents, friends, neighbors, co-workers and employees. For some, the cause is genetics. For others it’s disease, accident or war. For most, it is an irreversible change.

"My Fidelco Guide Dog gave me freedom and independence that I thought would never be possible.” This is what we hear from our clients time and again and this desire to live life to the fullest is an important part of our admissions criteria. Fidelco Guide Dog recipients include a wide variety of blind and visually impaired individuals - business leaders, wounded war heroes, teachers, athletes, mountain climbers, busy parents, and retirees.
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