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Favorite Links & Dog Related Articles
Favorite Links
Dog Related Articles
*A Guide To How Animals Sleep ~ Sleepopolis, Rose MacDowell
*A Complete Guide to Pet-Proofing Your Home ~ LA Homes
 A Complete Guide To Traveling With Dogs ~ by Best Roof Box
*A Warning for Dogs, and Their Best Friends, in Study of Fertility ~ by New York Times, Jan Hoffman
*About Therapy Dogs ~ by McSquare Doodles
*An Introduction to Agility ~ by Pedigree Database
*An Introduction to Clicker Training ~ by Pedigree Database, Kim Downing
*Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs: A Wonder Elixir for Your Dog? ~ by PuppyWire
*Best Age To Breed a Dog or Bitch ~ by Dog Breeding Information
*Best Flea Treatment for Dogs UK ~ by Pooching Around
 Best Pet Insurance Based on In-Depth Reviews ~ by Consumers Advocate
*Bisphenol A in canned dog food may increase BPA concentrations in pets ~ Science Daily
*Breeding Dogs: The Tie ~ by Dog Breed Info
*Can Dogs Get Tetanus? ~ by Whole Dog Journal, Catherine Ashe, DVM
*Canine Bloat ~ by Next Day Pets, Honor Tarpenning
*Canine Lyme Disease Symptoms and Prevention ~ by
 Caring for Elderly and Disabled Pets: A Guide for Pet Parents ~ by Four Paws
*Clicker Training 101: How to Use a Clicker to Train Your Dog ~ by Your Dog Advisor
 Coronavirus hits pet industry as dog prices boom during lockdown ~ by Go Compare
*Create a Dog Agility Obstacle Course at Home ~ by, Sandy Wallace
*Do Dogs Have Sense of Humor? ~ by DoDogs
*Do You Really Want to Become a Service Dog Trainer? ~ by NADOI, Jeanne Hampl
*Dog and Cat Skin Lumps ~ by, Martin Slome DVM
​ Dog Heat Stroke Survival Guide ~ by PuppyWire
*Doggie Distractions Fact Sheet ~ by AAA Insurance
*Dogs Can Accurately Sniff Out Early Stage Bowel Cancer ~ Science Daily
*Dogs In Cold Weather: Boots And Coats For Winter ~ ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
*Dogs Mating Concerns and Procedures ~ Love to Know, Kelly Roper
*Dogs Might Be More Rational Than Humans ~ Live Science, Yasemin Saplakoglu
*Double Merle Dogs Come With A Price ~ by Dog Training Nation, Fanna Easter
*Entropion in Dogs: How to Treat This Common Eye Problem ~ by Whole Dog Journal, Catherine Ashe DVM
*Estrus Cycles in Dogs ~ by VCA Hospitals, Cheryl Yuill, DVM
*Exercise Ideas that Beat the Weather ~ by Pet Safe, Sandy Robins
*Fifteen Dog Breeds That Don’t Smell ~ by Barking Royalty
*Fifteen Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe and Warm in the Winter ~ by Your Dog Advisor, Gemma Johnstone
 First-Aid For Dogs : Prepare For The Unexpected ~ by Fluent Woof, Dr. Libby Guise
*Four Ways To Exercise Your Dog Indoors ~ by Healthy Pets Blog
*Go Say HI 1-2-3 for Dog-to-Dog Introductions ~ by Suzanne Clothier
*Guide to Train Travel With Pets – and Getting Rewarded for It! ~ by Million Mile Secrets, Andrew W
*Heartworm Disease: What Every Pet Parent Should Know ~ by Allivet
 Helping Houdini: Our Tips to Change Escape Artist Behavior ~ by Your Dog Advisor
 How Long Is a Dog in Heat? Nine Facts About Dog Reproductive Health ~ by Your Dog Advisor Staff
*How Many Dogs Are There In the World? ~ by Psychology Today, Stanley Coren PhD, DSc, FRSC
*How to Create A New Dog Breed ~ by Breeding Business
*How To Deal With Dog Death ~ by Barking Royalty
 How to Get a Service Dog: A Practical Guide ~ by PetListed, Cortney Childers
*How to Help a Dog With Separation Anxiety ~ by Vet Street, Marty Becker DVM
*How to Stop Dog From Jumping on Guests ~ by Cesar's Way, Cesar Millan
*Human Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat ~ by American Kennel Club
 Interactive Dog Breed Selector ~ by Buyrope
*Life Is What You Make It ~ by Modern Dog Magazine, Rose Frosek
 Life-changing companions: How to afford a service dog ~ by Bankrate
 Is a Raw Food Diet Right for Your Dog? ~ by Pedigree Database
*My Dog Got Sprayed By a Skunk- What To Do Next? ~ by Your Dog Advisor
*Ovulation Timing, When to Breed Your Bitch ~ by The Dog Place, E. Katie Gammill
*Parvo In Dogs – The definitive Guide ~ by Shih Tzu Expert, Adam Conrad
 Pets and Adverse Drug Reactions ~ by Suzanne Clothier
*Poisonous Plants affecting Dogs ~ by Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
 Poisonous Plants To Avoid ~ by Phillips Veterinary Clinic
 Pros and Cons of Artificial Insemination ~ by Dogs Life
*Protecting Your Pack ~ by Cesar's Way, Cesar Millan
*Rabies ~ Next Day Pets, Honor Tarpenning
*Service Animals are Working Animals for Many ~ by Invisible Disabilities
 Seven Common Dog Training Mistakes (and How to Fix Them) ~ by Your Dog Advisor
*Sick As A Dog: Can Dogs Get Colds? ~ by Canine Journal, Sally Jones
 Six Dog Sports and their Benefits ~ by Your Dog Advisor, Gemma Johnstone
*Six Winter Exercise Tips For Your Dog ~ by Cesar's Way
*Socializing the Adult Dog: Sorting Good Advice From Bad ~ by Vet Street, Dr Wailani Sung
*Starting Your Puppy Off Right! ~ by Cesar's Way, Cesar Millan
 Summer Days – Here Comes The (Hot) Sun ~ by PetSafe, Sandy Robins
*Teach Your Dog to "Look" on Command ~ by Vet Street, Mikkel Becker
 Ten Brain Games to Play With Your Dog ~ by Mother Nature Network, Jaymi Heimbuch
*Ten Calm Small Dog Breeds ~ by My Pet Needs That
 Ten Types of Pitbulls (Some May Surprise You) ~ by Your Dog Advisor Staff
 The Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2020 ~ by, Noel Davila
 The New Pet Owner's Guide - Health, Safety and Savings ~ by Coupon Follow
*The Process of Pet Euthanasia ~ by The Spruce Pets, Jenna Stregowski, RVT
*The 10 Oldest Dog Breeds ~ by Pet Care Facts
 The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Service Dog ~ by Rover, Kristina Kledzik
 38 DIY Dog Projects: Easy-To-Build Creations For Your Best Friend ~ by Fluent Woof, Patricia Oelze
*Top 10 Dog Sports ~ by The Spruce Pets, Jenna Stregowski, RVT
*Ultimate Guide to Dog Care from Puppy to Senior Age ~
*What Can Dogs Not Eat? 12 Foods to Avoid ~ Your Dog Advisor
*What Fido Tries To Tell You? 100 Dog Behaviors You Must Know! ~ by Fluent Woof, Dr Libby Guise
*What Is The Best Age To Breed A Female Dog? ~ by Barking Royalty
*Why It’s So Hard to Train Guide Dogs in Hong Kong ~ by Varsity
*Why We Need Purebred Dog Breeders ~ by HuffPost, Carlotta Cooper
*You, Your Dog & Parasites ~ Pets and Parasites
*Your Dog's Gums: Not to be Ignored ~ by ThePets.Net, Dr Chyrle Bonk
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