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*A Warning for Dogs, and Their Best Friends, in Study of Fertility ~ by Trilobites

An Introduction to Agility ~ by Pedigree Database

*Best Age To Breed a Dog or Bitch ~ by Dog Breeding Information, Dr Meg Howe

*Can Dogs Get Tetanus? ~ by Whole Dog Journal

*Dog-Safe Driving ~ by Edmunds

*Doggie Distractions ~ by the 2011 AAA / Kurgo Pet Passenger Safety Survey

Dogs can accurately sniff out early stage bowel cancer ~ by Science Daily

*Dogs Mating Concerns and Procedures ~ by Love To Know, Kelly Roper

*Exercise Ideas that Beat the Weather ~ by PetSafe Guest

*Exercising Your Dog: Are You Ready to “Rally?” ~ by Pet Health Network

*Go Say HI 1-2-3 for Dog-to-Dog Introductions ~ by Suzanne Clothier

Heartworm Disease: What Every Pet Parent Should Know ~ by Allivet Blog

Life Is What You Make It ~ by Modern Dog Magazine

Ovulation Timing, When to Breed Your Bitch ~ by The Dog Place, E. Katie Gammill

Pet-Proofing – Keeping Your Home & Yard Safe For Dogs or Cats ~ by Home Advisor

Things No One Tells You About Owning Big Dogs ~ by Outside Online

Top 15 Dog-Owner Mistakes ~ by Next Day Pets

2017 Brings Rise in Heartworm Disease​ ~ by Pet Health Network, Dr. Nancy Kay

Whiskers ~ by

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