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A Warning for Dogs, and Their Best Friends, in Study of Fertility ~ by Trilobites

Best Age To Breed a Dog or Bitch ~ by Dog Breeding Information, Dr Meg Howe

Dog-Safe Driving ~ by Electric Insurance Company

Doggie Distractions ~ by the 2011 AAA / Kurgo Pet Passenger Safety Survey

Dogs Mating Concerns and Procedures ~ by Love To Know, Kelly Roper

Exercise Ideas that Beat the Weather ~ by PetSafe Guest

Exercising Your Dog: Are You Ready to “Rally?” ~ by Pet Health Network

Go Say HI 1-2-3 for Dog-to-Dog Introductions ~ by Suzanne Clothier

Heartworm Disease: What Every Pet Parent Should Know ~ by Allivet Blog

Ovulation Timing, When to Breed Your Bitch ~ by The Dog Place, E. Katie Gammill

Pet-Proofing – Keeping Your Home & Yard Safe For Dogs or Cats ~ by Home Advisor

2017 Brings Rise in Heartworm Disease​ ~ by Pet Health Network, Dr. Nancy Kay

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AKC    Human Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat
AKC Reunite    Microchip Pet Recovery Process
American Heartworm Society  Understanding Heartworm Disease
Animal Farm    Equal Treatment and Opportunity for "pit bull" dogs
Animal Genetics    Avian, Canine and Equine DNA Testing
Animal Rescue Site    Help Animals in Shelters, free!
Autism Speaks    Assistance Dog Resources
Best Dog Sites    Dog Web Directory
CAPC  Companion Animal Parasite Council
Cornell University    Poisonous Plants Affecting Dogs
Dept of Veterans Affairs    VA Benefits for Service Dogs
Directory Australia    Website Directory Australia
Dog Powered Scooter    Dog Powered Scooters & Trikes
Favorite Links
Dog Related Articles